Brighton Pink Plaques
Release Notes

Version 2.1 (23rd September 2015)
  • Now provides the convenience and security of using Safari itself to view any plaque’s web site (requires iOS9 or later)
  • A few web site addresses have been updated
Version 2.0.1 (13th June 2015)
  • Black Tablet email address is now corrected for my new web site
Version 2.0 (18th September 2014)
  • The minimum iOS Version is now 7.1
  • Redesign for iOS7 including new icon
  • Better VoiceOver integration
  • Improved photograph handling
  • Point of Information are now available on the map
  • Free for 55 plaques - extra 20 available via In-App purchase
  • Support for Dynamic Type
  • A few bug fixes
Version 1.3 (28th January 2013)
  • The minimum iOS Version is now 5.1
  • The app now takes advantage of the larger screens on the iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5th generation
  • Fix: Rotation of the device on iOS 6 now behaves as expected
  • Fix: The status bar no longer turns pink (though I rather liked it ...)
  • Fix: The text on disabled web site buttons is now visible again
  • Fix: Tour durations could occasionally reach gargantuan lengths and I think this is now fixed.
  • Enhancement: The text description for both supplied and user-defined tours is now white on pink which is much easier to read
  • Enhancement: The zooming and panning of images for a plaque has been improved
Version 1.2 (3rd July 2012)
  • The list of potential plaques that can be added to a user-defined tour is now grouped by tour.
  • A plaque's web site is now displayed inside Pink Plaques itself although it can still be displayed in Safari if desired.
  • Plaque icons on the map can now be distinguished by their tour.
  • It's now possible to display fewer plaques when zoomed out on the map (Configurable via Preferences).
  • There's an HD app icon for the MacBook Pro with Retina display (If you're lucky enough to have one!)
  • The web site URL for "Cardome" is now correct.
Version 1.1 (27th March 2012)
  • There is now a Home button - tap this to return to the full list of tours
  • Changes to the plaque text size are now remembered and the size control label changed from T+- to a more usual A+-.
  • A support email can be sent directly from the Help page
  • The text for the description of a new tour is now cleared when the field is tapped
  • Stability and interface enhancements
Version 1.0 (16th February 2012)
  • Original release