Brighton Pink Plaques FAQ

What extras would I get with an in-app purchase?

Pink Plaques as downloaded from the App Store allows you to see the photographs and text (and possible web site links) for 55 locations. This free version shows advertisements and blocks full access to the text and full screen images of an additional 20 locations. You can however gain access to all 75 locations and their photographs via a very reasonably priced one-off In-App purchase which is available via the Purchase button at the bottom of any screen showing a 'blocked' plaque. All these 20 locations will then be made available for free on any other devices you use with the same Apple ID.

How do I add my own tour?

On the home screen tap the '+', enter your new tour's title (and description if you need one) and tap Save. Your empty tour will be listed on the main screen accompanied by the User tour star icon icon.

How do I select the plaques that I want to include in my tour?

There are two ways to do this:
   i) On the home screen, tap the tour to which you wish to add plaques, tap Edit in the toolbar and then tap on those plaques that you would like to add. Tap a checked plaque to remove it from your tour. Tap Cancel to ignore your changes or Done to update your tour's plaques.
   ii) When viewing the detail for an individual plaque, tap the '+' on the toolbar and then select the tour(s) to which you wish to add that plaque. Tap Cancel to ignore your changes or Done to add the current plaque to the checked tours.

Why is there a black triangle on the app icon?

In the concentration camps, the Nazis made homosexual men wear pink triangles, the origin of this now proud symbol of defiance. Less well known is that "asocial individuals" were forced to wear black triangles in the camps and this symbol was used in the 80s as a pride symbol by lesbians. This is why I chose to honour it on the app icon. See Wikipedia for more information.

How do I change the name of my own tour?

On the home screen, tap the tour whose name you want to edit, tap the pencil icon on the toolbar and then update its name and / or description. Tap Cancel to ignore your changes or Save to update.

How can I add the current plaque to a tour as the '+' icon is greyed out?

If the '+' is greyed out then you have not yet added a tour of your own. Add your own tour first.

How do I find the plaques near to me?

Ensure location services are switched on in your device's settings. At present the app will not alert you when you are near a plaque, but will in indicate your current location on the map so it's fairly easy to find out. Alerts for nearby plaques may be in a later version ...

Is there a way to move quickly between a tour's plaques?

Yes - when viewing a plaque's details simply swipe left or right on the body text to move to previous or next plaque. Swiping has no effect when the current plaque's details were arrived at via tapping a plaque on the map.

How is the estimate for the tour duration calculated?

Tap the Settings icon for your iOS device and select the Preferences for Pink Plaques where you can adjust the number of minutes you intend to spend visiting each plaque and also your walking speed to Relaxed, Average or Brisk. If you don't change these they are initially set at 5 minutes and 'Average'. You can set the time spent at each plaque to a maximum of 20 minutes.
Pink Plaques uses these two pieces of information to 'guesstimate' how long the tour will take by determining the distance between the tour's two plaques which are the furthest apart and then adding in the duration of the stop for each plaque. Your current location is not considered. This may not be that close to your actual time but using the map and viewing all your selected tour's plaques should provide you with a reasonable idea as well.

Can I make a plaque's accompanying photograph bigger?

Tap the photograph and then you will be able to pinch, move and zoom it in the usual way. Tap the full screen image to remove all screen ornamentation and do the same to reinstate it. Don't forget that you can also turn your device to landscape orientation which suits some photographs better.

Does Pink Plaques support landscape orientation?

Yes - on all screens except for the tour information and app information.

Why don't all plaques have a web link?

Many plaques detail places which no longer exist or have been converted into private homes and a web site link is simply not possible. If you know of a plaque where details are available on the internet then we would love to know so please send us the URL.

Why is the map icon on the toolbar greyed out for the plaque I'm looking at?

If you arrive at a plaque's detail page via the map, rather than the tour's plaque listing, then the map icon is greyed out.

Why are all plaques showing when I've selected Yes for "Show Fewer Plaques"?

That Preference setting is only applied when viewing the map from the initial Home screen.

Will Pink Plaques be available in other languages?

Maybe. Let me know if you have a particular language in mind ...

Are there any release notes?

Yes - you can find them here.