Dicewords Release Notes

Version 1.5 (28th August 2017)
  • Dictionary settings in Preferences are now read correctly by Dicewords
  • Automatic word-checking now works seamlessly (when dictionary is turned on).
Version 1.4 (19th August 2015)
  • Textual corrections
  • Enhanced VoiceOver for Demo introduction
  • It’s no longer possible to tap the Declare button directly after the Demo ends.
Version 1.3 (5th October 2015)
  • Updated and easier to follow Demo introduction
  • Enhanced piano sound
  • During solo play you now only hear the full drum roll sound when you exceed your average score.
  • On iPad, “Ready to roll” now reappears correctly after dismissing the Gear menu.
  • N.B. Any Game or Puzzle in an earlier version will be lost on first play after upgrading to V1.3
Version 1.2 (3rd November 2014)
  • Now plays properly with iOS 8
  • Puzzle fanfare sound is now only heard when beating your best time, a new piano sound otherwise!
Version 1.1 (4th August 2014)
  • Much improved VoiceOver support
  • The initial instructions page is now selected correctly from both the game and the puzzle
  • The add button is correctly disabled when Settings are accessed via the Puzzle screen
  • Instructions can now be viewed during a turn and doing so will stop the clock
  • Dice are now positioned closer together on a 4" device
  • The instructions now have an Extra Help page describing the screen layout when VoiceOver is active
  • The in-app Instructions have been improved including help with the dictionary settings
  • "Enable Quick Help at startup" text in external Settings has been changed to "Enable Extra Help" to be more consistent with VoiceOver terminology
Version 1.0 (15th April 2014)
  • Original release of Dicewords and Dicewords-X