Dicewords FAQ

What are the differences between Dicewords and Dicewords-X?

Dicewords-X is solo player only and does not have the 100 nine-letter Puzzle words and will not roll any of the letters B, C, E, F, H, J, M, O, P, V or X.

The full Dicewords supports eight active players (though any number of inactive players may be stored too) and automatically keeps track of each player's score. It also includes 100 nine-letter Puzzle words and has all the letters from the original physical dice game included.

Buying the full version lets you achieve even higher scores as well as easily playing with your friends and keeping track of everyone's score. To buy the full version simply tap the app's on-screen Upgrade button. Alternatively, it can be downloaded from the App Store directly here.

See other notes at the bottom of this page on Dicewords-X.

How do I change the external settings for the game?

Launch iOS Settings, find Dicewords or Dicewords-X as appropriate. Here you can change the minutes per turn, number of turns per game, whether the dictionary is used for word validation, the Shake to Roll setting and whether Quick Help shows at launch.

I've changed the target score / turn time / dictionary setting - why is the app ignoring it?

To ensure a fair game, the app ignores changes in these settings until the current game has ended, after which the changed values will be used. However, if no game is in progress then the changed settings will be applied immediately.

How can I change my solo player name?

Tap the Gear button then tap Settings, then:
  * If the name you would like to use is already present in the player list then simply ensure that it is the only checked name.
  * If the name you would like to use is not there then tap Add and enter the new name. If you no longer want the previous solo player name then delete it.

Tap Done to finish editing the player list. Ensure that your new name is the only one checked.

Tap Done to close and return to the game using the new player name.

Note: On Dicewords-X it is not possible to change the solo player name once it has been entered unless Dicewords-X is deleted and re-installed.

Why won't Dicewords let me add more than eight players?

When a new player is added to the list it is automatically made an active player so if you attempt to add a ninth immediately the 'Add' button is unavailable. To add more players you must deactivate one of the eight existing active players by tapping their name.

I've set "Show Quick Help at start" so why doesn't it appear when I play?

Quick Help only appears when the app is restarted and there is no restored saved game - in effect, when launching Dicewords with a new game.

Why might I disable the Game Clock in Settings?

Although the intent of the game is to encourage interesting and high-scoring words, you are limited to the turn time in effect. If you prefer to take as long as you want over a turn (probably best done in a solo game!) then disable the Game Clock and the button will display Declare instead to remind you that there is now no time limit to your turn.

How can I find out the current turns per player, turn time and dictionary settings?

These are always visible (in grey) just below the top black bar on iPad and between player turns on iPhone and iPod touch. To display them on iPhone and iPod touch during a turn simply tap the current player's name and score and and the information will appear for a few seconds before the game resumes.

Why has the Puzzle forgotten my best word length time?

The best time for seven, eight and nine-letters words is retained whilst the app continues running. If it's relaunched either manually or by iOS itself, then the best scores are cleared. This may be changed in a future update. Contact me if it's something you would like to see (see 'How can I provide feedback?' below).

Why can't I hear any sounds in the game?

Ensure sounds are on by tapping the Gear button and choosing Sounds on. If sounds are already on then check that the sound effects volume is audible by using the volume up button on your device or that if you have changed the alert sound coupling then ensure that the alert sound slider is set loud enough. See Apple's own documentation for further information.

Why is the VoiceOver information for the Dice Table and Dice incorrect?

This will be because Dicewords must be launched with VoiceOver already active. Activating VoiceOver after launching Dicewords "from cold" means that some information required by VoiceOver is not loaded. To fix this, use the application switcher (double-press of the Home button) to remove Dicewords from the app list then activate VoiceOver and open Dicewords.

Is help available when playing?

Yes. Tap the Gear button, choose Instructions. There are four pages - Overview, Game, Dice Table & Puzzle - which are accessed by tapping the control.

How can I provide feedback?

Tap the Gear button, choose Instructions. Tap More in the top left. Tap the Feedback button. If you want to let the world know how great Dicewords is then tap the Review button to visit the App Store and leave your review. If you think you have found a problem with the app or you have an idea for an enhancement then you can email me.

How can I let you know if I have a suggestion for future updates?

We have plenty of enhancements in mind for future updates but if you have ideas of things you'd like in the game then see the question above on how to give feedback.

Where can I find other games from Graham's Games?


Are there apps of any other of Graham's Games?

Not at the moment, but let us know if there's one or more you'd like to see!

Are there any release notes?

Yes - you can find them here.


Dicewords-X specific

Why are some of the letters in the Dice Table coloured grey?

These greyed-out letters - B, C, E, F, H, J, M, O, P, V and X - will never roll in the free version of Dicewords. To play the game with all the letters, download the full paid version here.

Where are the nine-letter words in the Puzzle?

Only seven and eight-letter words are available in the free version of Dicewords. To play the Puzzle with an additional 100 nine-letter words then download the full paid version here.

Why can't I add names to the player list?

Only solo play is available in the free version of Dicewords. To play Dicewords with up to eight active players then download the full paid version here.

Why can't I edit my solo player name?

There is no player editing mode in the free version of Dicewords. To add and delete players then download the full paid version here.