Black Tablet

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Version 1.4 (19th April 2017)

  • Text fields now make full use of the device’s screen.
  • iPhone 4s users now get the Black Tablet button too!
  • Sharing or copying encoded text now tags it with the type of encoding and applies it automatically when pasted in someone else’s Identicode app.
  • ‘Convert’ button is unavailable until keyboard is dismissed.
  • Tapping “IDENTICODE” shows the app’s version number.
  • Encode, rather than decode is now selected at launch time.
  • Improved VoiceOver support.
  • Broken green bulbs replaced with purple.
  • Small bug fixes.

Version 1.3 (23rd September 2015)

  • You can now use the Share button to easily send your coded messages to fellow ‘agents’ ;-)
  • Fixed a crash when closing the app without having coded any text

Version 1.2 (10th May 2015)

  • ‘~’ character is no longer ignored when encoding/decoding
  • Switching between encode and decode now clears any text
  • Editing input text after conversion changes output text to white as a reminder that they no longer match.

Version 1.1 (7th September 2014)

  • Repaired faulty numeric translator unit
  • Input conversion to uppercase is now forced

Version 1.0 (15th August 2014)

  • Released