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DICEWORDS is a word game, for up to eight players, where you combine the luck of the dice roll with your skill and strategy to make the highest scoring word that you can.

Dicewords is playable on many levels and can be very sociable when playing with others. Each player's scoring is handled automatically allowing you to concentrate on scoring the best you can.

There is also a solo Puzzle game - here you are given a word to spell in order to find a match as quickly as possible and aim to beat your own best time. Not only is this fun, but is very helpful in increasing familiarity with the Dice Table which is an important part of the game and is the main support for helping you towards the highest scores. In addition, Dicewords keeps track of your achievement times so that you can improve your skill.

It's great for mental dexterity - and it's fun to play with words.


The aim of the game is to make the highest score you can (and to score more than your opponents in multiplayer) by rolling the dice to make high scoring words. The highest scores are made by combining high value letters and making longer words. You have at most three rolls and a limited time to do your best (you may wish to disable the timer when playing solo). However, there's much more to this game than lucky dice rolls.

The on-screen Dice Table shows you which dice contain which letters, so you can weigh up the odds of rolling particular combinations and therefore use strategy to improve your chances. This core design idea makes for a much more enjoyable game than one where you simply roll dice and hope for the best.

The actual and potential scores for each current word, current turn and all player scores are updated as needed automatically allowing you to gauge your progress and see how much you need to score to win. The timer also alerts you as you near the end of your turn. Theses features together allow you to concentrate on scoring the best you can without having to resort to a pen and paper or calculator.

The app allows the storing of any number of your friends' names allowing you to decide which ones are active for the current game and the playing order can be changed at the start of each game if required.

The app is based on the original concept and design by Graham Lipscomb of Graham's Games (maker of Dicewords, Juggler, Creeper and Colliding Circles). We've collaborated to bring you the enjoyment of all features of the original game on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, but with the admin taken care of as well as always having a level playing surface with you! It's "The word game in your pocket" (but you will need a big pocket if you're playing on an iPad!).

Full instructions are available at any time from within the game.

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  • Solo play or up to 8 active players in a game with any number stored.
  • Suitable for age 8+
  • Typical game time: 15 minutes per player
  • In-built timer and optional use of inbuilt iOS dictionary
  • Detailed instructions are included to make the most of the game
  • Enter, store and rearrange player names
  • The current game is saved to allow you to continue later
  • Includes Puzzle mode for honing your Dicewords skills
  • Runs natively in 64-bit on supported devices
  • Language: English


  • Works with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
  • Dicewords requires at least an iPhone 4S, 5th Generation iPod touch or iPad 2